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Regaining my confidence

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My name’s David and I live alone. At work a while ago I had a serious head injury and now have uncontrolled epilepsy. I’ve been too afraid to leave home because of the worry of having seizures in unfamiliar places and the embarrassment of anyone seeing me. The thought of this made me feel very upset. Using the services of MiHomecare was suggested as an option to help me to move forward.

How did MiHomecare help me?
The care workers come in three times a day. I was very anxious in case I had a fit in front of them, but the manager spent ages reassuring me that the staff were well trained in dealing with epilepsy and that they wouldn’t judge me. They help me to get out and about, shopping and the like, and make sure I take my medication.

What difference has it made in my life?
With the confidence and support the care workers have given me, I’m now able to do my own shopping without worrying so much that I might have a seizure. The medication has kicked in properly so my epilepsy is more under control, which helps my confidence too. I take short walks near to my home and being in the fresh air and not having to bother anyone to go with me is wonderful.

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