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My mum is happier

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My name is Shirley and I’m writing this on behalf of my mum, Rita, who has dementia and anxiety too. We live in Cardiff. I used to look after mum, but began to struggle more and more as her needs got greater, until I just couldn’t cope anymore. Mum got very agitated when I took her out and she would also wander out alone and get herself lost, which was very worrying. She didn’t take care of herself either. It was particularly important that she kept herself clean because she has a stoma, but she couldn’t manage it and kept getting infections.

How did MiHomecare help me?
MiHomecare was a life-saver for both of us. The care workers look after mum’s personal care every day, though at first she was very stubborn about it. It took a while for them to build up mum’s trust, but they were kind and patient with her, and it worked. The main carer takes mum to a day centre three times a week and collects her at the end of the session. MiHomecare has fixed up a GPS tracking device as well, so that if mum goes out by herself and gets lost, we can find her easily.

What difference has it made in my life?
For me, the relief is incredible, knowing that there’s someone there to take on some of mum’s care. For mum – things have really improved. She leads an active life and is much happier to go out, knowing that if she does get lost, we can find her. She hasn’t had any more stoma infections, and she looks forward to the care workers’ visits, and, especially, chatting to her new friends at the day centre.

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