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I’ve got my voice back

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I’m Desmond and I live with my wife in Swansea. It’s a miracle that I’m writing this, because I suffered a life-changing stroke which left me paralysed and mentally impaired. After the stroke, I had lots of complications too—like seizures and an oedema and pneumonia. My chances of recovery weren’t thought to be good.

How did MiHomecare help me?
I needed help with personal care—in fact, every aspect of my life—including being turned in bed to avoid pressure sores. My carers were magnificent and I quickly developed a strong bond with them. Even though healthcare professionals said it wouldn’t make any difference, they sat with me for ages helping me with my speech and also assisted with exercises because I wasn’t allocated much time with a physio.

What difference has it made in my life?
Well, against most expectations (not including my own and those of my careworkers!) I now walk unaided and my speech is getting better every day. I live a relatively normal life. I know this was down to my own hard work and determination, but I couldn’t have done it without the belief and unstinting support shown by my careworkers.

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