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Gardening my way

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I’m Mary (or May to friends and family) and I’m 97 years old. I’ve lived in Lllanelli all my life. My daughter is in London and sadly, my husband died a few years ago. I used to love getting out and about with my sisters, and I was very keen gardener. I fell downstairs a while ago so I had to spend some time in hospital and then I stopped going out because it was too worrying for me. My mood goes up and down because I’m stuck in the house.

How did MiHomecare help me?
When I came out of hospital, at first I had one visit a day from a careworker, to make sure I’d remembered to take my medication and to check that I’d eaten and drunk something because sometimes I forgot or didn’t make the effort.

I enjoyed the visits, and when they suggested I took my own medication, I didn’t want to because that meant they wouldn’t come to see me anymore. They reassured me and encouraged me to get out and about again, so I didn’t feel so isolated in my home. They put my medication next to the kettle so it nudged my memory when I made my morning cuppa.

I was scared to go out into the garden in case I fell again, so they provided me with a wrist fall band. Now I know that someone will be alerted if I do lose my balance again and need emergency assistance. I was reluctant to go into town as well, but they found out I liked charity shops, so after a lot of persuasion, I agreed to go with one of the careworkers. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

What difference has it made in my life?
Thanks to MiHomecare’s support, I’m much better at eating and drinking properly, and I remember take my own medication. I feel confident going out in the garden, and, every so often, I book a taxi for myself, go into town and meet my sisters for a coffee or a meal and a natter. I’m much happier in myself because I don’t sit on my own and stare at four walls all day, every day.

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